"Claudia Hammond has one of the finest radio voices. It's crisp, clear and entirely engaging,
even when she's reading, and yet just as importantly it doesn't hog the limelight.
Quite simply, you listen to what she says rather than how she says it."
Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian, January 2009


 what's on now

 New series of All in the Mind starts in April 2017 on BBC Radio 4

Harry Harlow's soft monkeys

Mind Changers, BBC Radio 4

More than thirty episodes of the Mind Changers, the programme where  Claudia examines classic psychology experiments and how they have changed the way we think today, are available online

"A fascinating programme"
(Miranda Sawyer, Observer on Mind Changers
Series 3, Radio 4, 2007)


Health Check, BBC World Service

Listen every Wednesday to Health Check on the BBC's World Service.

To listen via the website, to download a podcast or to check the schedule for Health Check in countries outside the UK, click the 'tune in' button.

Claudia interviews Runa Khan at a floating
hospital in Bangladesh


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All in the Mind is on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesdays at 9pm, repeated on Wednesdays at 3.30pm. Or listen to the archive here.


Case Study - listen again to series 2 from August 2010

You can also listen back to series 1 including the story of Phineas Gage, a 19th century railway worker in Vermont who survived a metre-long iron rod shot through his head and changed the study of neuroscience forever.


Listen back to previous programmes


State of Mind, Radio 4

Listen to Claudia Hammond chart the development of mental health care in the UK from the 1950s until today, to ask where we are now, and where we're going. Will the stigma of mental illness ever be entirely removed.


Health Check special on the decriminalisation
of drugs in Portugal

June 2009

Read Claudia's feature for the BBC's From our own Correspondent and listen again below.



Claudia reports on one
woman living with TB in South Africa for From Our Own Correspondent

Health Check special on HIV and TB in South Africa

March 2009

Read Claudia's feature for Radio 4's From Our own Correspondent on children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.


To view Claudia's back catalogue of radio reporting and presenting from when she started out as a broadcast journalist with BBC Radio Five Live click here.