Regular lectures

Claudia is on the part-time faculty at Boston University's London base where third and fourth year undergraduates come over from the U.S. for several months. Claudia lectures on the following courses:

Psychology Applied to Social Issues in the the UK

Health and Wellness through the Lifespan


Recent chairing  

Surrey University's Alf Adams Lecture with Professor Dirk-Jan Dijk at the BMA in London

Epigenetics - how nurture alters nature with Professor Moshe Szyf at the Royal Society of Arts. Listen here.

The Science of sexism & Can Psychology Change the World?  Claudia curated the Mind Games series of panel events at the Royal Institution.  Read the blog and listen to the events here.  

In conversation with Ruby Wax on mindfulness, Barbican Concert Hall

What makes a good death? Wellcome Collection

Neuroethics - series of public debates at Wellcome Collection

Synaesthesia - Cafe Scientifique, Royal Society

Holy Quarks - Can science and faith co-exist? Symposium at Wellcome Collection

What is madness?  Cambridge Wordfest

Behavioural economics and its role in policymaking - IPPR

London Health 2011 

Empathy - Simon Baron-Cohen, Royal Institution 

The National Well-being debate, Cambridge - Office of National Statistics

Fine Art, Fine Mental Health, Woking Lightbox

The Future of the NHS - roundtable for the New Statesman

London Health 2010 - with keynote by Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley 

Evidence Based Policy? Public event at the Wellcome Collection

High Society - Describing the drug experience, public event at the Wellcome Collection

Who Needs Men Anyway? Public debate, Royal Society & South Bank Festival of Science + Arts

Perceptions of Ageing. Pubic debate at the Wellcome Collection

Do you want to live forever? Public debate at the Wellcome Collection

The future of dementia care - public debate at the Wellcome Collection

Disordered?  Discussion at the Wellcome Collection

Civilian Scars. Discussion at the Wellcome Collection

Evening and Day Conference at the Wellcome Collection "Heartfelt Emotions"

A Stiff Upper Lip - A Good Prescription For Cancer?

Happiness & Heartbreak, Cambridge Science Festival

Eating disorders: The inside track, The Dana Centre at the Science Museum


Recent talks



In conversation with Stephen Grosz, author of The Examined Life at the Anna Freud Centre - Feb 2014

Psychologies workshop on Making the Most of Your Time at Conway Hall in London - Jan 2014

Panellist - The Infinite Monkey Cage on perception, BBC Radio 4

Panellist - the psychology of trust, Edinburgh International Book Festival, August 2013

Time Warped, Aye Write Literary Festival, Glasgow, April 2013

Time Warped, Intech Science Centre, Winchester, April 2013

Time Warped, Edinburgh International Book Festival, August 2012

Panellist, The future of psychology - University of East London 50th Anniversary Conference

Time Warped, The Royal Institution, London, July 2012

Time Warped, Salon London, July 2012

Time Warped, 5 x 15, Shoreditch House, June 2012

Time Warped, Royal Society of Arts, London - May 2012

Time Warped, Bristol Festival of Ideas, May 2012

Time Warped, Swindon Literary Festival, May 2012

Why Time Warps, Public Engagement Award speech at British Psychological Society Annual Conference, April 2012

 Keynote speech "The science of emotions", Mental Health Week, Crawley, Nov 2010

Keynote speech "In Living Memory", at Time Out of Mind Conference, Oct 2009
The science of Emotions, Epsom Mental Health Week, Oct 2009

Emotional Rollercoaster, Latitude Festival 2008

Academics and the Media, I'm an Intellectual, Get me out of here, The Radio Academy

The Psychological Consequences of Miscarrage", European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology Annual Conference

Emotional Rollercoaster, Edinburgh International Book Festival

Emotions following a miscarriage, Royal College Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

Emotional Rollercoaster, Brighton Science Festival

Emotional Rollercoaster, Way With Words Literature Festival, Dartington